The faces behind Fabriq

Jez, Creator & Founder

Meet Jez, the visionary behind Fabriq. With over 40 years of industry experience, Jez's journey began in his family's salons. He trained under renowned masters like Guido and John Barrett, refining his skills in London's prestigious Mayfair and Knightsbridge salons before moving to Bermuda where he learned to work with all hair types and textures.

Jez's presented on stage for the NHF, Wella and Nanomax, qualified as a Master Colour Expert and has taken part in research and development with Wella. It was Jez's passion for innovation and healthy hair that inspired him to develop his only treatments.

Sarah, Operations Director

Meet Sarah, the glue that holds Fabriq together. With her knack for keeping things running smoothly and her sharp strategic mind, Sarah ensures that every aspect of our business flows seamlessly. Drawing from years of experience in the industry, Sarah effortlessly juggles the ins and outs of our operations, from logistics to supply chain management.

She's the go-to person for making sure everything behind the scenes is in tip-top shape so that we can focus on what we love – creating amazing haircare products for you. Sarah's dedication and attention to detail are the secret ingredients that keep Fabriq thriving.

Martina, Head of Sales

Meet Martina, the heart of our sales team. With her contagious enthusiasm and talent for forging strong connections, Martina leads our sales efforts with warmth and determination. Her passion for building relationships with our clients and driving growth is unmatched.

Martina's dedication to understanding our customer's needs and delivering exceptional service sets the tone for our sales team. She's the driving force behind our mission to connect with and empower our community of clients, one conversation at a time.

Anita, Head of Design

Meet Anita, the creative genius behind the scenes. As our Head of Design, Anita brings boundless flair and imagination to every project she touches. From product packaging to marketing materials, her artistic vision is the driving force behind the Fabriq brand aesthetic.

But Anita's talents go beyond design; she infuses every aspect of our brand with personality and charm. With her passion for creativity and attention to detail, Anita ensures that every visual element reflects the spirit of Fabriq.

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