Where it all started

Originally founded as KeraStraight by hairdresser Jez Barnett in 2009, we embarked on an exhilarating journey of transformation to become Fabriq in 2022. Our rebranding was driven by our desire to introduce our innovative treatments and products to even more people and launch new and exciting products.

We're thrilled to say that Fabriq represents a broader vision, one that celebrates all hair types and textures.

Why Fabriq?

The name "Fabriq" reflects our belief that hair is an incredible material, diverse in textures, strengths, and flexibilities.

Just like fabric, hair can be woven, dyed, and shaped into countless forms. We chose a name that represents the limitless possibilities for strengthening, enhancing, and empowering all hair types.

Our Commitment

At Fabriq, we're all about celebrating the brilliance of hairdressers worldwide. Our in-salon treatments are exclusively crafted to enable and empower skilled professionals.

You won't find Fabriq products on discount platforms, instead, you'll find us championing the skill, passion and dedication of our hair care professionals.