With little time to spare between the first coffee of the day, choosing your outfit and heading out the door – every minute counts in your morning routine.

No-one wants to spend hours with the blow-dryer and straightening iron when you’re in a rush to get ready. But if you have dry, frizzy or damaged hair, it can take ages to style – taking up valuable time that could be spent snoozing your alarm or doing something much more enjoyable.

If your hair takes forever to dry or style in the mornings, there are a few things you can do to get smoother, straighter and stronger hair that’s easier to manage and quicker to style.

Here’s our top treatments for taming uncontrollable hair.

For a quick fix

Whether you’re looking to strengthen and repair damaged hair, or transform your thick and frizzy mane into sleek, shiny and smooth locks – our Quick Fix treatment is a revolution in hair repair. Using our advanced protein technology, we can help you rebuild and rehydrate your hair from the inside out in under 30 minutes.

This super speedy treatment transforms weak, dry and damaged hair into beautifully strong, shiny and healthy locks and lasts up to a whole month. Perfect if you’re going on holiday, have a few special occasions coming up, or you just want to spend less time faffing about with your hair for a few weeks.

For long-lasting results

If you love these results and want them to last even longer – one application of our Reset treatment is a great way to achieve a more manageable look that lasts.

Reset uses low pH protein technology to transform the shape and condition of your hair. Our unique formula renews dry, damaged and weak hair, transforming it into healthy, straighter and stronger tresses that look and feel amazing – even first thing in the morning!

Personalised to your individual hair type, just one Reset treatment will provide a smooth, soft and straighter finish that lasts for up to four months, saving you valuable time getting ready for the day.

These long-lasting results keep your hair in tip-top condition – an added bonus if you’re trying to grow your hair as well.

Whether you have uncontrollable hair that takes forever to style, or super thick hair that takes too long to dry – you can save time and energy by investing in a treatment you'll never want to live without!

Find a salon near you that offers Fabriq Reset and Quick Fix treatments and book in now to tame that mane.