We're incredibly proud to have the one and only Sally Brooks as our Fabriq Global Ambassador! Her collaboration with us has played a huge role in our remarkable journey so far. Three-times winner of British Hairdresser of the Year and Co-Founder and Creative Director of Brooks & Brooks, Sally knows a thing or three about achieving healthy, strong, and easy-to-manage hair for her clients, whatever their style of choice.

Recently, we had the privilege of sitting down with Sally for a good old catch up, to discuss the exciting developments in Sally's world and the Fabriq family!

Congratulations on the new salon! It's looking amazing, how does it feel to be settled in?

The new salon has been a long time coming - we're settled into the new space now and loving it - the location is incredible, and the space allows us to have a bespoke calm feel and deliver amazing hair.

Brooks and Brooks has undoubtedly become a go-to destination for fabulous hair. Can you give us a sneak peek into the secret sauce behind your salon's success?

I think the secret behind our success is really simple - we're just really passionate about hair. I know that sounds cliché, but if you don't really care, the client can feel it. We love simple hair at its best and we are always looking for new innovations and ideas that keep us leaders in the industry.

We know that your salon caters to various clients with different styles. What's your approach to ensure every client leaves your salon with a smile and fantastic hair?

Our salon has a wide range of clients of all ages, all hair types, and personalities, as does our team! The most important thing with hairdressing is finding the hairdresser that understands you - each of us is an individual artist, as are our clients, it's about finding the right fit.

If we had a salon with one type of stylist in it, we would only do one type of client - our team specialises in different areas which allows us to specialise in numerous hair types and needs.

We're so thrilled to have you as our global ambassador endorsing Fabriq. How long is it now that you've been working with Fabriq, previously KeraStraight?

We have been aligned with Fabriq/KeraStraight for about 13 years now! Both our clients and team just love it!

Wow, 13 years of Fabriq our treatments! That's impressive. What initially drew you to Fabriq, and how has it become an essential part of your salon's offerings?

We were first drawn to Fabriq as we wanted to give our clients the best service and the best products possible. Brazilian blow-drys had become really popular, but we wanted to offer the clients something more. Something that de-frizzed the hair but also cared for shine and strength - that's when we met KeraStraight/Fabriq.

The passion and the science behind the brand and it's products really spoke to us - and as soon as we started using it, we realised how diverse the product was and how many hair types we could help.

How has Fabriq become an intergral part of your salons offerings?

Our client testimonials are amazing from people who previously didn't like their hair and had been battling with it for years, who are now falling back in love with it again. Some clients have never been able to grow their hair and are now loving that they can.

We were so happy when the name changed over to Fabriq from KeraStraight - this really opened up who we could speak to about the treatment.

The word straight was removed and our clients and team now understand it’s about ease and condition. It's helped so many people and as a hairdresser to see your clients so happy and loving their hair not only makes you happy, but ensures you have built up trust with them, making them a client for life.

Hair self-care has become a popular topic lately. Do you have any expert tips or DIY hair hacks that you could share with us?

Invest in a good hair regime - it all starts with great products and home care. The better the hairs condition, the more natural volume the hair will have, also making it stronger and shinier. It's simple, take care of your hair - protect it and love it.

We loved sitting down and chatting with Sally, it was great having an insight into the industry through her eyes and learning exactly why Sally is so passionate about working with a brand and product she truly believes in.

As Brooks and Brooks Salon will undoubtably will continue to thrive, they remain dedicated to providing top-notch service and innovative solutions to their wide range of clients.

Want to hear more from Sally? You can find her over on socials at @sallybrookshair or @brookshair. You can also check out their amazing new Salon Brooks and Brooks now located on Great Queen Street, between Holborn and Covent Garden, London.

Sally's British hairdresser of the year winning collection 2021.