So, why Fabriq?

Here’s our co-founder, Jez Barnett, to reveal the thinking behind the name. “Hair is the fabric we wear every day, hence the name Fabriq.

We wanted to create a brand that would be a true partnership between hairdresser and client. It's our mission to create the most perfect material to work with - a material that is luxurious, both strong and soft, like velvet or silk, so your hairdresser can give you the hair you've always wanted.

Fabriq is designed to be an ideal foundation for your imagination to create any style you dream of. To work with luxurious and strong fabrics and be totally inspired by the possibilities of what hair can do and be. To unleash your hair and its potential.

We’re more than an online trend. Fabriq has been born to reinject the expert into your hair narrative. We have history, science and industry professionals driving Fabriq forward and we can’t wait for you to fall in love with the results.

It’s the perfect name then, for a brand that lets you have incredible hair, whatever style you choose. What will your Fabriq narrative be?

Launching soon . . .