Who better to support us as we launch Fabriq to the world than multi-award winning creative stylist Sally Brooks?

Three-times winner of British Hairdresser of the Year and founder of salon Brooks & Brooks, Sally knows a thing or three about achieving healthy, strong and easy to manage hair for her clients, whatever their style of choice.

Sally’s career spans 25 years and has seen her working internationally, educating and inspiring other hairdressers to be the best version of themselves. Her favourite part of her job? “I am a creative mind so developing fashion, editorials and shows is what keeps me alive,” Sally admits.

"But what I honestly love the most are my clients. Creating a style that matches your lifestyle and your personality, that you can manage yourself - that’s why I became a hairdresser."

Sally Brooks

It’s fair to say Sally’s the perfect fit for the Fabriq brand

and we are delighted to have her on board. So what drew Sally to Fabriq?

“It’s always great to work with a product from the beginning of a launch, seeing a small seed grow and ideas coming to life and being brave enough to try something new.

Sally explains...

“Fabriq is a professional service that gives clients the chance to have hair they can manage at home - the hair they’ve always wanted but didn’t think they could have,”