Are you ready for something new?

We’ve worked with hair protein treatments since 2008, in a journey that began with KeraStraight. And we’ve never stopped listening to feedback, learning and innovating. We’ve built up a loyal fanbase along the way - stylists and their clients who love the hair freedom that KeraStraight has let them create.

Now it’s time for Fabriq - get ready to unleash your best hair ever, because now it’s time for Fabriq.

Let’s take a closer look at the treatments and products and why we’re so confident that you’re going to love them.

Introducing Quick Fix

If you were a fan of Intense Boost, you’ll adore Quick Fix. You want strong, healthy hair fast, of course you do, and Quick Fix delivers - in under 30 minutes. It’s an in-salon treatment that’s brilliant at boosting curl definition too and the results will last for up to a month - the perfect time saver when you’re going on holiday or just for day-to-day styling.

The secret? It’s all down to the amazing ingredients, including unique blends of African and Amazonian fruit and plant extracts, vegetable and soy proteins, and extracts of carob bean and rosemary leaf. All gentle on your hair but blending together to produce incredible results.

And did we mention Quick Fix+? All the plus-points brought to you by Intense Boost Plus, intensifying the treatment for even better strength and condition, with amazing results in just 40-45 minutes.

Meet Reset

If you liked Ultimate Treatment you will love Reset. For hair that’s smoother, straighter and oh-so-strong, this in-salon service with its new and improved formulas makes locks easier to manage too. The best bit? It works for all hair types, so you can choose whatever style you want.

Each product used in the range has been upgraded with extra ingredients and enhanced performance, for even better results.

Thick hair that takes too long to style? Weak hair that doesn’t seem to grow? Frizz, waves or curls you’re not loving? All a thing of the past in as little as 2.5 hours, with incredible results that last up to four months.

Let’s talk about Fabriq’s amazing aftercare range

If you admired KeraStraight’s Moisture and Volume Enhance shampoos and conditioners, you’re in for a treat with Build and Hydrate shampoos, conditioners and masks. Designed to get the very best out of your in-salon treatment, these professional aftercare products ensure you can enjoy your best hair ever, for longer.

Build is perfect for fine, thin or limp hair, adding strength and softness with each use. With its enhanced performance, new ingredients and fabulous new fragrance, Hydrate is a dream for hair that’s coarse, dry or damaged, adding lightweight moisture with every wash.

With the Fabriq family it’s fair to say, you CAN have it all your way. So go forth and unleash your hair’s potential - we can’t wait to see what you make of it.