Let’s face it, good hair just makes you feel good, and with ever-versatile afro hair, its condition is paramount to that good-hair-feeling.

So, we sat down with none other than Brenda Charlemagne of Charlemagne’s to discuss all things afro hair; embracing going natural, colour and chemical straightening (relaxers), and how all of these are possible with the right products and treatment (and a very good stylist).

So Brenda, let’s jump straight into it!...what’s your hair crush at the moment?

My biggest crush is colour… treatments…and restyling. Sure, everyone needs a cut. But giving the client’s transformations to their desired look can be so rewarding. Changing their hair changes how they feel.

Talking of change, are you seeing a lot more clients changing (back) to being natural?

Definitely, a lot more naturals, which are actually harder to look after. I usually recommend Fabriq Hydrate Mask to keep the hair conditioned.

What about clients opting for a relaxer?

Fabriq's Quick Fix Treatment is a great option for leaving the hair easy to manage and giving clients the best of both worlds. Straight or curly – either way, manageable hair. The Fabriq aftercare products are great at helping to maintain the look.

Are you starting to see a trend in the service people ask for most?

In the last few years, I’ve definitely noticed people are more conscious about hair care and happy to buy any product I recommend to aid in this.

You say you’ve noticed people take more interest in the health of their hair. What’s your best top tip for maintaining the health of textured hair?

Using a Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner is a must. A deep penetrating treatment mask once a month and using a good leave-in conditioner is so important in maintaining healthy hair. Using a heat protectant is also key to sealing and protecting if straightening the hair.

People always assume that textured hair needs moisture. How do you get on using our protein-based treatments?

Afro hair does need moisture. Especially with braiding and extensions as these affect the hair shaft. You therefore need protein based treatments to rebound and mend the hair shaft which gives hair its health and shine.

Fabriq treatments do just that. I find after a client has gone home and washed their hair themselves they feel the benefits of the treatment and how much easier it is to manage. Yes they look good when they leave the salon but they love how it feels when they wash their own hair, which is amazing!

Times are tough for hairdressers. Do you have any advice for people who are starting to look after afro hair?

Tools are key. A good hair dryer and brush are essential. I love using a round or paddle brush with a ceramic base.

When washing the hair, make sure the first shampoo is clarifying and the second shampoo is moisturising. It’s really important when using a protein based treatment that you make sure it's moisturising. If not, make sure you use a moisturising mask straight after!

A lot of valuable information to digest there. We look forward to catching up again soon. Thanks Brenda!

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