We stand with you hairdressers

You might have heard the buzz about brands making in-salon treatments and products available to everyone, seemingly diluting the exclusivity once enjoyed by professional hairdressers. At Fabriq, we feel it's essential to address this issue and reaffirm our unwavering support for the talented hairdressing community.

We’ve always understood the importance of exclusivity within the hairdressing industry. Our in-salon treatments are tailored exclusively for the dedicated hairdressers who make magic happen every day in their salons. We believe in empowering professionals with the finest tools to create their art, and we stand by our commitment to keeping these treatments salon-exclusive.

What sets Fabriq apart is that our brand is made by a fellow hairdresser. Our founder Jez Barnett understands the unique challenges and joys of the profession. The importance of standing together and maintaining the exclusivity of professional products is not lost on us.

In a world where some brands sell to everybody, we pride ourselves on our salon-exclusive approach. At Fabriq, we stand by you, the talented professionals who make the world more beautiful, one hairstyle at a time.

We understand the importance of unity within the industry and will continue to provide exclusive, salon-only treatments and products to support your journey.