Gone are the days of treatments that only work on certain hair types. Fabriq’s in-salon treatments (and our at-home products, come to mention it) work for everyone.

Quick Fix is a dream for creating stronger, healthier hair. It takes just 30 minutes and the results last for up to 30 days.

And Reset is a pro when it comes to transforming every hair type so it’s straighter, smoother, softer, shinier and oh-so strong for up to four months.

The secret’s in our unique protein blends

Our treatments and products use unique blends of proteins to repair, strengthen and transform the hair.

They work on every type of hair from unruly, frizzy hard-to-manage locks, to weak or damaged hair that needs repair, or curls that you’d like to see straighter.

That’s why, when we assembled a dream team of hair industry professionals to help us celebrate the launch of our new brand, we made sure we had everything covered, from salon to session styling, colour to curls, up-dos and super-smooth hair.

Meet Sally Brooks

Three-times British Hairdresser of the Year Sally Brooks is our Global Brand Ambassador and she leads Team Fabriq. Sally’s worked in the hair industry for over 25 years, educating and inspiring other hairdressers in the UK and beyond to be the best version of themselves.

“Every hair artist has a different vision, feel and attitude towards hair” she told us. “For me to fully give my vision for Fabriq, I wanted to create a team of artists who could bring their own passion.”

And meet Team Fabriq

Each member of the team has their own unique take on creating the hair they love.

Nikita Fisher

Social media | Driven | All-rounder
Nikita is an award-winning hair stylist originally from New Zealand. Creating beautiful hair colour is her passion.

Rheanna Wood

Science | Specialist in all hair types| Integrity
Rheanna works with a huge variety of hair types and textures, with customers ranging “from Greek to Eritrean, from Norwegian to West Indian and Ghanaian”.

Karoliina Saunders

Industry | Funny | Creative
Originally from Finland, Karoliina has a passion for creative hair, photographic and competition work and has worked at all the major Fashion Weeks.

Kayleigh Twigg

Client care | Fabriq-lover | Genuine
Kayleigh is a “queen of permanent (Brazilian) blowdry” and a smoothing specialist who also creates amazing work with colour.

Lauren Bell

Editorial | Perfectionist | Fashion
Lauren is a session stylist with a love for creating hair-up looks and for the visual aspects of hairdressing.

There’s lots more to come from Team Fabriq

Keep an eye out on social media to catch their creativity in action, showcasing the amazing transformations Fabriq can achieve on any and every type of hair.