Fabriq's Success Secrets

Success rarely happens by chance. We learn to cut, colour and style by following precise steps. Achieving maximum success when launching a new service can also be planned to deliver a guaranteed outcome. Here are our top tips that will turn any new launch into success for your clients, your team and your business.

"Success is all about great products, great people and great planning."

Neil Capstick, Fabriq Distributor & owner of Neal & Wolf

1. Make your team experts

Even if it's a niche service, its important that everyone involved in the business knows enough to answer any clients questions and that the team performing the actual service are expert. This may involve online education and gaining experience on models before you actually launch. After all, you wouldn't let anyone perform a haircut or colour without full training, would you?

Bonus, if you get your team to gain experience on each other, you'll have walking in-salon adverts.

2. In-Salon brand awareness

Visibility is key. This may be with window stickers, mirror stickers, posters, strut cards...anything that lets your clients know you offer this new service. You may have the greatest new service in the world, but if no-one knows about it, take-up will be far less.

Filling your shelves with the brands retail products demonstrates your commitment to both your clients and your team and makes it much easier to speak about.

Make it easy for your team and clients, make it obvious!

3. External promotion

Shout about the benefits on your socials, promote on your website, create a blog, send emails. In this very busy and noisy social world, it is not enough to do just one thing. If you want the greatest success, do it all. Every training session can be posted, every transformation makes for engaging content.

Top tip - its not enough to just tag the brand any more (which is still important if you want to be reshared), add some meaningful messages so that your clients know exactly why they will love this new service.

4. Involve your team

Ensure your team know why you have taken on this new service. It's often useful to workshop this in a team meeting. Its vital they understand what client issues they can now solve, why you've taken on this brand (as opposed to a competitor), the money they can earn and the difference it will make to their client's hair and lives.

Brainstorm with your team to create promotional activities to launch and for ideas how to keep this new service at the top of the agenda.

5. Upgrade your consultations

The best time to create opportunities is every time and the best place to start is at the beginning. Consultations are about discovering needs and opportunities and the trick here is to be innocent. With Fabriq we have a 5-word consultation...'Tell me about your hair' or 'Tell me how's your hair been?' for returning clients.

These simple, but oh-so-powerful innocent few words ensure that clients let you know about their hair issues and what they are not happy about. All you need to do then is ask them 'What would you love your hair to be?' and the vast majority of the time their answers will lead to you recommending Quick Fix or Reset. It really can be as easy as that.

"The consultation is the most creative part of any hair appointment."

Jez Barnett, Fabriq Founder

Bonus Tip - Retail.

By looking after your clients hair at home in-between visits not only maximises the value they have from their service, but also reminds them of how you look after them every time they do their hair. Retail breeds loyalty, go that extra mile, let them know you care about them every day, not just every visit.

These strategies are your blueprints for success.

Share your experiences with these strategies and any additional insights that have fueled your team's success - we'd love to hear your feedback and success stories!