What's Different?

We've made a lot of changes, especially visually.

The Name

Goodbye KeraStraight, hello Fabriq!

Improved Formulas

Get even better results from our treatments

The Branding

A whole new look

Product & Treatment Names

Improved names for clarity.


Better packaging for sustainability.


So everyone can enjoy our treatments more!

More Sustainable

Better for the environement

Environmentally Friendly

Doing our bit for our planet

Why have we changed the name?

We wanted to make what we do, clearer. We don't want people to think the focus is on straightening hair.

We're about giving people the hair they want, whether it's enhancing the curl or having smoother & straighter hair. All while making it healthier, shinier, and more manageable too!

The Treatments have new names

Looking after our planet

We are more socially conscious and want to do our bit for the environment.

So we're being more sustainable.

Recyclable Packaging


Cruelty Free

KeraStraight Fabriq
Professional Products
Pre-Treatment Cleanser Zero
Pre-Treatment Spray Regulate
Ultimate Treatment Reset
Ultimate Booster Turbo
Moisture Lock Lock
Moisture Mask (pro) Quick Fix - Rehydrate
Protien Mask (pro) Quick Fix - Rebuild
Retail Products
Volume Enhance Shampoo Build Shampoo
Volume Enhance Conditioner Build Conditioner
Protein Mask (Retail) Build Mask
Moisture Enhance Shampoo Hydrate Shampoo
Moisture Ehance Conditioner Hydrate Conditioner
Moisture Mask (retail) Hydrate Mask