Fabriq’s new Reset treatment transforms the shape, strength and condition of every type of hair, leaving it smoother, straighter, stronger and shinier for up to four months.

This in-salon, protein-based treatment can be personalised by the hairdresser to suit every client’s unique hair type, condition and goals.

It’s perfect for clients who want their hair to be:

  • smoother and straighter without chemicals,
  • quicker and easier to manage,
  • stronger, healthier and repaired,
  • softer and shinier,
  • more resistant to humidity, frizz and damage, or
  • longer (Reset repairs and rebuilds, helping clients grow their hair longer).

Fabriq is a new brand from the team behind KeraStraight and INNOluxe.

If you’re a fan of KeraStraight’s Ultimate Treatment, you’ll find that Fabriq’s Reset treatment is even better.

Personalised to each client

Reset can work its magic on pretty much every hair type because it’s personalised to suit each client’s hair type, condition and goals.

The fact that Reset can make more clients than ever look and feel fabulous makes it a real game-changer for businesses.

"Fabriq lets us have the hair we dream of and manage it ourselves, whatever our lifestyle."

Sally Brooks, Fabriq’s Global Brand Ambassador

The secret’s in the proteins

Reset is based on a unique blend of low-pH proteins which work with the hair’s natural keratin.

First, the treatment gently loosens the hair’s natural shape to prevent frizz or curls from forming. Then those amazing proteins get to work repairing, and strengthening the hair’s all-important bonds, smoothing, softening and creating stunning shine.

Results for up to four months

Reset is a semi-permanent treatment, so the straighter, smoother hair it creates can last for up to four months when maintained with our shampoos and conditioners.

And the strengthening and repairing benefits alone can stick around for much longer.

The products behind the Reset magic

The Reset treatment is carried out using a family of professional products:


a gentle pre-treatment cleanser, free from sodium chloride and sulphates.


a pre-treatment spray which helps the treatment penetrate evenly.


uses a unique blend of proteins to strengthen, smooth and straighten all hair types.


an optional additive that maximises the treatment for Afro, very curly, resistant or virgin hair.


hydrates and replenishes the hair and seals in the treatment.

Fabriq Smooth **coming soon

are temperature-controlled titanium irons for professional results.


ensures a smooth, damage-free finish as you iron.