As it’ll work on pretty much every hair type, Fabriq’s Reset treatment is a game-changer for your business.

You might say that Fabriq’s Reset treatment is an overachiever (in the best way, of course).

Reset straightens and smooths. Reset strengthens and softens. Reset repairs, protects, and fights frizz. And as Reset is a semi-permanent treatment, your client’s straighter, smoother hair will stick around for up to four months (the strength lasts even longer).

All that, and Reset works on every type of hair, from unruly, frizzy hard-to-manage locks to weak or damaged hair that needs repair, or curls that your client would like to see straighter.

It’s that ability to transform every hair type that makes this treatment such a game-changer for salons and freelance hairdressers alike. Whatever hair type your customer starts with, you can make it smoother, straighter, shiny, soft and strong.

The secret’s in the proteins

Reset gently loosens the hair’s natural shape and then uses a unique blend of low-pH proteins to repair, strengthen, smooth and add shine.

Every shape, from loose waves to tight Afro curls, will be dramatically straighter and smoother after a Reset treatment. And if you’re working with hair that’s already straight? Reset will make it oh-so-strong, smooth, shiny and resistant to humidity too.

Not flat, just beautiful

Unlike relaxers and other straightening treatments, Fabriq doesn’t leave hair flat or lifeless. As the hair is so much stronger than when you started, it’ll be full of bounce and life, but so much more manageable.

As our Global Brand Ambassador Sally Brooks says, “Fabriq won’t make the hair flat – just beautiful. It’s a professional service that gives clients the chance to have hair they can manage at home - the hair they’ve always wanted but didn’t think they could have”.