With the rise of the curly-girl method, and more celebrities and influencers showing off their curly locks than ever before – we’re seeing a lot of people rocking their gorgeous natural curls and texture lately.

At Fabriq we’re SO excited to see people embracing their natural hair and not letting curls be a battle any longer.

Unleash your natural curls

You can have a lot of fun styling curly hair, but it doesn’t come without its challenges! From tackling frizz and dryness to detangling and improving definition – we understand the difficulties natural curls can cause sometimes.

With amazing results for all hair types and an incredible return on investment for salons and stylists, the Fabriq Quick Fix in-salon protein treatment is the best way to help your clients unleash their natural curls.

By defining and enhancing the hair’s natural shape and increasing the elasticity, Quick Fix makes curls easier to manage and style. Taking under half an hour to apply, with results lasting up to a month, your clients can enjoy their best ever curly hair for longer.


For dry, coarse or damaged curls that need a boost of moisture, ReHydrate repairs, nourishes and rebuilds hair, leaving your client with luxurious curls and a silky soft finish.


For limp and lacklustre curls that are crying out for some strength, ReBuild’s compound of proteins create multiple layers of repair for incredible results.

Be inspired

Take a look at some of our favourite curly styles. in Eversholt

Keep an eye out on social media to see Team Fabriq’s creativity in action, showcasing the incredible transformations our treatments can achieve on all kinds of curls and textures.