Fabriq 2024 Q1 Offer 2

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Have you heard the news?

Introducing Safe, Fabriq’s newest product range, promising unmatched colour longevity, prolonged vibrancy and incredible strength and softness.

Experience Fabriq's pledge to extraordinary hair with our Q1 salon offers.

Trust us, you're in Safe hands...

Offer 2 Contents:


6 x Safe Shampoo 250ml
6 x Safe Conditioner 200ml
6 x Safe Mask 100ml
1 x Zero 500ml
1 x QuickFix ReHydrate Mask 275ml
1 x QuickFix ReBuild Mask 275ml

Receive Free

1 x Safe Shampoo 500ml
1 x Safe Conditioner 500ml
1 x Safe Mask 275ml
1 x QuickFix ReBuild Mask 275ml
3 x QuickFix ReHydrate TryMe Pack (2x10ml)
3 x QuickFix ReBuild TryMe Pack (2x10ml)

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