Quick Fix ReBuild

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For fine, thin or limp hair, ReBuild is a blend of proteins to strengthen, repair, moisturise and add strength to fine, thin or limp hair.

Get the best results

Shampoo twice with Zero and towel dry. Apply ReBuild Mask and dry into the hair 100% with medium heat. Rinse, dry and style.

What makes it great

ReBuild Mask uses an advanced blend of hydrolysed wheat proteins, designed to repair and reconstruct the hair. It forms a protein net which transforms fine, weak and damaged hair, leaving hair shiny, significantly stronger and incredibly soft to touch.Used as a Quick Fix treatment the results last for up to a month.

  • Low pH proteins
  • African & Amazonian fruit and plant extracts
  • Carob bean extracts
  • Glycerin
  • Zea Mays starch
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