Your best hair ever

Healthy, strong and easy to manage hair – whatever your hair type.

Fabriq has formulated industry defining at-home products and in-salon treatments that work together to unleash your best hair ever.

"Fabriq is more than just a product. It lets us have the hair we dream of and manage it ourselves, whatever our lifestyle."

Sally Brooks, Global Ambassador

Choose the hair you truly want

We want everyone to look and feel amazing about their hair. Straighter, smoother locks? You bet. More defined curls? Hell yes. Stronger, healthier hair? Ab-so-lutely. Fabriq is here to tell you that whatever hair you want, you can have it your way.

Fabriq lets you choose the hair you truly want, harnessing unique low pH protein technologies to create personalised hair treatments both in-salon and at-home.

"Whether you want to repair damaged hair, smooth and straighten frizzy locks, or define your natural curls – Fabriq is for you."

Jez Barnett, Founder

Discover Fabriq

Damage repair

Low pH proteins and incredible repairing agents help to transform dry, damaged and weak hair into strong and luscious locks.

Unbeatable shine

Say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair and get that coveted salon-shine with our in-salon treatments and at-home products.

Results that last

Our in-salon treatments last between 1-4 months, leaving you with healthy and strong hair that’s oh-so easy to manage at home.

Salon-style at home

Your hair never feels better than when you’ve just left the salon. Our products give you that fresh-from-the-chair look from home, every day of the week.