Proteins, amino acids, peptides – what do they all mean?

Hair is made up of proteins. Proteins are made up of many amino acids which are joined together in a long chain.

In shorter chains, amino acids can make something called a peptide. Many of our treatments and products use hydrolysed proteins. That just means that the protein has been broken down into smaller peptide chains that are easy for the hair to take in.

There’s not one magic ingredient

We don’t think there’s any one protein, amino acid or peptide that can solve all your hair’s problems. It’s much more complex than that.

Trying to solve everything with one protein (or one part of a protein) is a bit like trying to fix everything in your life with sticky tape. It’ll might well on your favourite book, but not on that jumper you love, your coffee machine, your broken leg or your relationships…

It’s all about choosing the right proteins

To transform and repair hair, you need to find exactly the right blend of proteins for each hair type, condition and goal.

Some proteins build strength.

Some make hair less porous.

Some change the shape of the hair.

And some add shine or make the hair smooth and soft.

Knowing exactly how to find the right balance of proteins is a bit of an art.

We’re experts in using proteins to transform hair

We've been working with the science of protein hair repair for well over a decade. We understand things like:

The sulphur, hydrogen and ionic salt bonds that give hair its shape, structure, strength and shine.

The importance of porosity to hair health, and how we can use proteins to make hair stronger and less porous.

The natural pH of the hair, and how the pH of our proteins treatments and products interact with the hair.

Our in-depth understanding of protein technology means we know what blends of protein, amino acid and peptide to use to achieve different results.

Protein size matters

Different-sized proteins work with different parts of the hair, so we make sure we always have the right mix of exactly what the hair needs.

We use small proteins that penetrate deep into the hair to repair bonds.

We use large proteins that work within the hair’s outer cuticle.

We use even bigger protein polymers that act on the outside of the hair.

Enhanced proteins work even harder

Some of our proteins are extra-clever so they give even better results.

Some of our proteins are flexible and heat-activated, building to full strength as they’re heated to become 100% dried into the hair.

Some of our proteins are fused with advanced polymers to build even greater strength throughout the hair.

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