Far from just another hair brand, Fabriq is different.

It is the ideal foundation for creating healthy, strong, easy to manage hair in any style you choose.

Built on proteins

The Fabriq difference lies in the science. We’re experts in using protein technology to transform hair and have been working with it for over a decade.

Our treatments are built on a blend of proteins that don’t just repair but transform hair so that it is healthier, stronger and easier to manage. We don’t like to brag but . . . our protein blends are incredible and so are the results. Strong, soft, shiny hair that’s so simple to style, whatever your hair type.

Fabriq treatments and products use specific combinations of proteins for each hair type, condition and style goal, so you can have the hair you’ve always wanted.

We care about your hair

That’s not our only difference though. Fabriq treatments care for your hair too.

  • Our products are 100% vegan and cruelty free

  • We don’t use sodium chloride (salt) or sulphates that can damage hair

  • We don’t use formaldehyde. Unfortunately some keratin treatments do contain this banned ingredient - but you won't find it in Fabriq.

"The Fabriq family of treatments radically transform your hair, so it looks and feels fantastic. Every product we create is designed to deliver like no other. How? By combining the latest technology with our commitment to excellence and our passion for gorgeous, easy to manage hair. That’s the Fabriq difference."

Founder, Jez Barnett

Unleash the difference Fabriq can make to your hair.

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