Unleash your hair’s potential

with our sodium chloride and sulphate-free homecare products. Designed to support our in-salon treatments and perfect for all hair types, you’ll enjoy smooth, hydrated and strong hair with long lasting results.


Repairs dry, dehydrated hair and locks in moisture, leaving you with soft, shiny and ultra-smooth hair.

Hydrate Shampoo

Designed to maximise the benefits of our in-salon treatments, Hydrate Shampoo gives you a touch of luxury with every wash. It’s specially formulated with proteins to repair damaged hair and lock in moisture.

Hydrate Conditioner

Working in harmony with our Hydrate Shampoo, this nourishing conditioner repairs dry and coarse hair, leaving you with stronger and healthier locks that feel as silky-soft as they look.

Hydrate Mask

An indulgent, nutrient-rich boost that repairs and rehydrates damaged hair. Use once a week to keep your hair looking and feeling gorgeously soft and shiny.


Transforms fine, weak and damaged hair with flexible strength, so you can enjoy noticeably thicker, fuller hair with our signature shine.

Build Shampoo

Designed to deliver softness and strength in one bottle. Use Build Shampoo in partnership with Build Conditioner to add body and volume to dull and lifeless hair.

Build Conditioner

Our luxurious blend of proteins and vitamins helps to protect your hair from breakage and boost its volume and strength, leaving you with thicker, fuller locks that shine.

Build Mask

A weekly indulgence, our Build Mask repairs and reconstructs fine, weak or damaged hair. Just one application a week will totally transform your locks, so you’re left with significantly stronger hair.


Can I mix and match the ranges?

There are no rules! But our shampoos, conditioners and masks from each range are designed to work in harmony together, so they do their best work when paired with products from the same collection.

Why should I use Fabriq Homecare products after a Reset treatment?

We highly recommend using our Build or Hydrate Shampoos, Conditioners and Masks exclusively after a Reset treatment.

Why? Because these products are sodium chloride and sulphate free and have been developed to maximise the longevity of the treatment. They also contain our special African and Amazonian fruit and plant extracts to give you the longest lasting results.

Can I use the products if I haven’t had a treatment?

Absolutely! Our Homecare products are a fabulous addition to your hair care routine, whether you’ve had an in-salon treatment with us or not.

How often should I use a mask?

We recommend using Build or Hydrate mask once a week for the best results, but they can be used as often as you wish…

How do I know which range is best for me?

If your hair is dry, damaged or coarse – Hydrate will help to reintroduce moisture and leave your hair soft and shiny. If your hair is limp, lifeless and lacks body – Build will work to add volume and softness. You can always chat to your hair stylist if you’re unsure.

What’s the difference between the conditioners and the masks?

Our Build and Hydrate Masks contain much smaller protein molecules than the conditioners and we recommend leaving them on for longer. This means they have more time to develop, helping to build strength and hydration into the hair. The Masks also contain shine enhancers so you’re left with super-shiny results.

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