Made by a hairdresser, for hairdressers

At Fabriq, we uphold our commitment to professionals in the hairdressing industry. Our in-salon treatments are exclusively crafted for skilled hairdressers. You won't find Fabriq products on discount platforms; instead, you'll discover our unwavering support for fellow esteemed hair professionals.

Founded by a hairdresser, we deeply understand the significance of unity and exclusivity within the industry. In a market where some brands cater to all, we take pride in our salon-exclusive approach.

Fabriq stands with the talented professionals who enhance the world's beauty, one hairstyle at a time. Welcome to Fabriq, where quality and partnership flourish.


Do you offer discounts on other platforms?

Fabriq products are exclusively available through our website and our salon partners.

We believe in supporting the expertise and dedication of skilled hair professionals, which is why you won't find our products on discount platforms. Every purchase made through our salon partners directly contributes to empowering and sustaining the hairdressing industry.