The problem with plastic

We can’t deny it, we use a lot of plastic. While that suits us in terms of making our products easy to transport, straightforward to store and easy to stock, we know it isn’t the best decision for the planet.

We’re always exploring alternatives, including plastic-coated cardboard cartons, but they’re not ideal either. So for the moment we use non-virgin plastic, as it’s easier to recycle.

Our sustainable journey

There isn’t an easy or quick solution to the amount of plastic in our oceans and landfill. But we do know that by making informed decisions and implementing small changes, we can help to make a difference. For Fabriq, that means taking the following steps.

Step 1: Use less plastic

Step 1: Use less plastic

We use as little single use plastic as possible. You won’t find plastic wrap on our packaging and marketing packs. And our printed materials aren’t laminated unless really necessary, like on instruction sheets that salons use each day and would otherwise need replacing more frequently.

Step 2: Avoid new, virgin plastic

All our bottles are made from Sugarcane or from 100% recycled plastic wherever possible.

We’re not perfect yet though - our caps and pumps are virgin plastic but we’re doing our best to change that, just as soon as we find an alternative that meets our standards.

Step 3: Recycle, recycle, recycle

Where possible, all the plastic we use is recyclable, including those caps and pumps we mentioned earlier. To make the process as simple as possible, the labels on our bottles are made from the same kind of plastic as the bottle, or will separate during the recycling procedure.

Step 4: Always look for alternatives

Just as we’re always innovating with our products, the same can be said for our attitude towards sustainability. We can’t solve the problem instantly, but we never stop looking for ways to improve our packaging and the way we work to make things more sustainable.

We don’t stop there

It’s not just our attitude to plastic that we’re changing. We’re always making conscious decisions about our impact on the planet in other ways, too.

We source as much of our packaging and other materials as possible in the UK, so that carbon emissions from transporting goods around the world is reduced.

Once made to perfection by the incredible team of experts in Brazil, Fabriq products are shipped to the UK in bulk by sea, rather than by air.

When they arrive in the UK our products are bottled, to reduce the carbon footprint.

The Fabriq brand is 100% cruelty-free.

We do our bit at our head office too - our heating runs on biomass, there is food composting in our kitchens, we have LED lighting and the rubbish in our office bins is separated for recycling.