The Reset treatment uses a range of products

These products work together to prepare the hair, loosen its shape, rebuild, repair, hydrate and seal the hair, so you get the immaculate Reset finish you love.

Pre-treatment cleanser


Zero gently cleanses and softens the hair, encouraging the cuticles to rise so it can absorb the treatment. Free from sodium chloride and sulphates, Zero has a low pH of 6-7, high enough to raise those cuticles but low enough to be super-gentle.

Pre-treatment protein spray


Regulate makes sure the hair has the right balance of moisture and protein so that the treatment can penetrate evenly. It has a low pH of 2.5-3.5 and contains extracts of soybean, palm, rice and carob bean to hydrate and strengthen every strand.

Protein treatment


Reset’s unique blend of low pH proteins smooths and straightens the hair by gently loosening its natural shape to prevent frizz or curls from forming. The hydrolysed protein blend also repairs and rebuilds the hair so it’s left stronger, softer, shinier and healthier.

Optional additive


Turbo is an optional additive that gives greater strengthening power for Afro, very curly, resistant or virgin hair by helping Reset penetrate the hair more effectively.

Conditioning mask


Lock encourages the hair’s cuticles to close and prepares the hair so that it’s smooth for ironing. It replenishes the hair’s strength and hydration using proteins, oils and seed extracts, and forms a protective layer that guards against the damaging effects of heat.

Professional irons

Fabriq Smooth

Fabriq Smooth are our temperature-controlled, titanium irons, which bond the treatment’s active ingredients into the hair and straighten its shape. Adjust them to the temperature that’s recommended for your client’s hair type so you can iron with confidence and maximise the results.

Tension-free ironing


The EasyComb lets you achieve a smooth, damage-free finish with lift and body as you iron. It works by helping you apply the right tension to the hair so that it’s not pulled by the irons, and by working in a rounder shape that seals the hair’s ends effectively.

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