Aftercare matters

To maximise the effects of their Fabriq treatment and make it last, it’s important that your clients use the right aftercare.

Our Build and Hydrate homecare ranges contain the same blend of African and Amazonian fruit and plant extracts that we use in our in-salon treatments. That makes them perfect for sealing in the results for maximum performance and longevity


The Hydrate range revitalises dry, coarse and damaged hair using a blend of hydrolysed soy proteins, lightweight conditioning agents and moisture-capturing ingredients such as baobab, glycerin and natural oils.

Moisturising shampoo

Hydrate Shampoo

Hydrate Shampoo is free from harsh ingredients like sulphates and sodium chloride (salt), making it kind to the hair. It’s the perfect shampoo for clients with dry, coarse or damaged hair.

Moisturising conditioner

Hydrate Conditioner

Hydrate Conditioner is packed with moisture-capturing ingredients and lightweight hydration to leave hair soft and shiny. It also repairs the hair, thanks to a blend of hydrolysed proteins which target areas of damage.

Moisturising mask

Hydrate Mask

Hydrate Mask’s blend of hydrolysed proteins, intensely conditioning agents and shine enhancing ingredients leave dry, coarse or damaged hair smooth, soft and full of life.


The Build range adds body and strength to fine, thin and limp hair, using our advanced blend of hydrolysed rice and vegetable proteins, glycerin and carob bean extract.

Volumising shampoo

Build Shampoo

Build Shampoo is the ideal choice for clients with fine, thin or limp hair. It’s free from ingredients which can strip the hair’s proteins, such as sulphates and sodium chloride (salt), and its hydrolysed proteins strengthen the hair and add body.

Volumising conditioner

Build Conditioner

Build Conditioner strengthens fine, thin or limp hair using an innovative blend of hydrolysed proteins to target damage. The hair will be left soft, shiny, strong and full of body.

Volumising mask

Build Mask

Build Mask contains an advanced blend of hydrolysed proteins, conditioning agents and shine enhancing ingredients that repair and reconstruct hair from the inside. The mask leaves hair feeling dramatically repaired, thick, strong and soft.

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