Reset is based on a unique blend of low-pH proteins

Hair is made up of proteins. Reset works with these natural building blocks of the hair to transform its shape, strength and more.

Reset gently loosens the hairs’ bonds to prevent curls and frizz from forming
while our amazing low-pH proteins repair damage and strengthen every strand.

The magic ingredients

Three main families of ingredients work together to transform your hair during the Reset treatment.

A blend of low pH proteins

which transform the hair's strength and shape, working with the hair's natural keratin.

Rich soybean and rice extract

which perfect the hair's moisture balance so our proteins work to their full potential.

African and Amazonian fruit and plant extracts

that seal the treatment in for best performance and longevity.

How Reset straightens curly, wavy or frizzy hair

If you think of the protein chains in straight hair as looking a bit like a normal ladder, curly hair would have ladders with offset rungs.

These offset rungs give curls their shape, and they’re made of ionic salt bonds.

Reset disrupts these bonds, while our unique blend of low-pH proteins repair, strengthen, smooth and add shine.

The transformed shape is then locked in with the help of the irons, fully activating the proteins.

This semi-permanent straighter and smoother shape lasts for up to four months, making your hair quicker to dry and easier to style every day.

How Reset repairs damage and reduces breakage

Weak and damaged hair is lacking in protein and protein bonds.

Reset envelops each strand of hair in a matrix of hydrolysed proteins, infusing it with amino acids. The proteins bind to weak and damaged areas of the hair, creating new protein links that add permanent, long-lasting repair and strength, as well as stunning shine.

How Reset makes hair quick to dry and easy to manage

There are two reasons why hair can take a long time to dry, and it’s all about how the hair absorbs and holds onto water.

Weak or damaged hair

contains gaps where proteins should to be. Water can easily get into these gaps, making it porous.

Thick or coarse hair

has more cuticle layers than other types of hair. Water gets trapped in the gaps created by these layers.

Reset’s blend of low-pH proteins fills the gaps where water can get trapped, transforming the hair inside and out.

This leaves the hair strong, healthy, soft, shiny and, most importantly, quick and easy to dry and style.

How Reset combats humidity and frizz

Dry, damaged hair reacts to changes in humidity by becoming frizzy and unable to hold your style. This is because the weakened structure of the hair absorbs moisture easily.

Reset fills the gaps in the hair with low pH proteins which prevent excess moisture from getting in. These proteins strengthen the inner structure of each strand and smooth the outer surface, and the results last for up to four months.

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