Personalised for you, starting with a consultation

Fabriq is all about giving you the hair you choose. Your stylist will listen carefully so they understand what your hair needs, as well as the end result you’d love to see. Then, they'll personalise the treatment to suit you and your hair.

Three steps to flawless hair

Step 1


Your stylist will gently cleanse your hair, encouraging the cuticles to open so it can absorb the treatment.

They'll personalise this preparation depending on your hair type and its condition.

Step 2


Once your hair has been prepared, your stylist will apply the treatment that transforms the shape and health of your hair.

They'll customise the products they use to get the best results for your hair.

Step 3

Smooth & iron

All your hair needs now is a quick dry, a smooth with a brush, and then it’s ready to iron.

Your stylist will adjust the temperature of the irons and decide how many passes to complete, depending on your hair.

If you’re a professional and want to learn more about the products, find out more here.

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